You know about Ippudo

Me too

Finally made it to the ramen Hypebeast, Ippudo. Everyone knows Ippudo is flexing with the largest ramen following in the US. People come far and wide with the hopes to catch a bowl of goodness along with the infamous pork belly bun. Or at least I did!

After missing out last summer due to time constraints, I finally made it on this NYC trip. So F’in excited. Please give me a bowl ramen with a rack of pork belly buns. I got the modern version, which was their most popular. The components were very impressive – flavorful creamy broth, fine noodles, and nicely executed pork belly & egg. I actually tried to go 2 times on this trip but couldn’t endure the 2-hour wait time. Word of advice, go real real early or expect lines.

Word on the street is there’s a new Ippudo on the Westside.

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