Westward Seattle

westward seattle

Westward Seattle is the modern aquatic hipster inspired spot brought to you by top chef alum Chef Zoi Antonitsas (formally at Madison Park Conservatory). The food represents Seattle’s progressive evolution of Northwest seafood. I love it! Each dish is a surprise of goodness where the seafood is elevated with precise technique and Mediterranean flavor profiles coming from various angles.

The quick fried east coast squid is viola so tasty! Don’ call it mari. The octopus with saffron made me feel like I was dining along the coast of Spain (never been though). The halibut with manila clams and pancetta was a nice entrée to put the wonderful meal together and make you full.

The Westward is only going to get busier with the nice weather. Plus with that outdoor pit and t die for views of city from north Lake Union Park, everyone this summer will be going Westward. Don’t forget to warm up with some oysters too.

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