The Harvest Vine

The Harvest Vine

The Harvest Vine is Seattle’s go-to Spanish tapas restaurant. It’s a romantic setting with an extensive list of wine that you can’t pronounce. A year prior to going to Harvest Vine, we did a week long trip to Spain killing it tapas, mercados, and more tapas. It was a great experience to help me get hyped for the Harvest Vine was pre-meal.

It was a good time at the Harvest Vine and we ordered it up here – blood sausage, squid with squid ink rice, beats, scallops, and desserts. The experience didn’t teleport me to Spain, but it was good, fun and beautifully prepared.

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  1. Meg Lewellyn says:

    GREAT photos David! Blog is looking beautiful! You should be proud! See you at our next event!


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