Tamura Kappo Sushi

Tamura sushi

We’re all about that real real sushi and Tamura Kappo Sushi does not disappoint. The fish eye appealing, fresh, and buttery. Once you do the light dabble in that wasabi soy sauce… ow we, food happiness.

The sushi experience sets me back some duckets so can’t be trying them all. For top tier, it’s either here or Shiro’s for me. Tamura comes with the nicely thick cuts of fresh fish that makes you feel real grateful for being near the water. The fish of choice were the tuna, salmon belly, and yellowtail. For rolls I went with the California, tuna, and tempura. Can’t pass up that crab and deep fried shrimp.

Typically, sushi spots can always get me for side dishes. I love Japanese food and grew up on katsu. A nice piece of charred black cod always hits the spot too. Tamura sushi does a nice job with their sushi and rounding out their side dishes & cocktails. The experience is sexy, sleek, and modern to easily impress your mate. Next time I’ll have to do the omakase.

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