Sitka and Spruce

Sikta and Spruce

Sitka and Spruce is one of Seattle’s influencers in locally sourced fare. Also the Sitka and Spruce space is one of the most amazing rustic open kitchen restaurants in town located at the historic Melrose Market. If you’re looking for a top tier Seattle meal experience, look no further than Sitka and Spruce.

The menu is seasonal obtaining the freshest from Washington State. Fair warning the menu is subject to change, what I might’ve ordered may not be on when you’re at Sitka and Spruce. But don’t worry the food is beautifully cared for and executed to pop the most flavors one can from produce.

To start we went straight to the cannelle, I just thought why not. For our meal we had a generous serving of beets topped with yogurt, toasted walnuts, yogurt, cilantro and cows curd that had me cheering team veggie. I also cheered on for the slow cooked pork shoulder with fava beans, cilantro and chicharrón. You ought to know the protein game is strong at Sitka and Spruce too.

Don’t sleep on your reservation to Sitka and Spruce.

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