Shanghai Asian Manor Dumplings

Shanghai Asian Manor

Shanghai Asian Manor was a delicious experience and everything I wanted from my New York City gritty Chinatown visit. Every New York City trip I’m always craving some soup dumplings (Xia Long Bao) and wanted to go to a spot that I’ve yet to hit up. Besides dining at every good New York City ramen joint, I plan to try every soup dumpling. Plus I’ve done every soup dumpling place in Seattle!

The soup dumplings at Shanghai Asian Manor were pretty solid, nice skin and holding a good amount of soup. Not that Din Tag Fung tasty but if you’re paying a fraction of the cost, you can’t be hater. The thing that really got me excited about this joint were the fried soup dumplings but when they arrived, I think the soup was forgotten. All good though, Shanghai Asian Manor was still bomb with the rice cakes, jelly fish, regular soup dumplings and the watercress dumplings (those green joints in the picture). Forgive me I usually take a lot of food photos but forgot cause I was sooo hungry. Don’t starve a food blogger.

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