Seattle Korean Food Festival

Cooking demonstration from Chef Heong Soon Park of Chan

Bird nest salad and spicy pumpkin jook

Citrus kimchi galbi (short ribs)

Creme filled pear

Earlier this month the team was invited to the 1st Seattle Korean Food Festival 2012. The event was put on by the Seattle Korean Consulate to help showcase local Korean cuisine. The program included food from the winners of the Korean Food competition that took place among the local culinary programs, Le Cordon Bleu, the Art Institutes of Seattle, South Seattle Community College, and Lake Washington Institute. The winners were judged on their creative and modern interpretations of Korean cuisine.

The judges of the competition were renowned members of the Seattle food community, Chef Rachel Yang of Revel, Chef Heong Soon Park of Chan, and food critique Hanna Raskin. The winning team, Le Cordon Blue, served a tasty three-course meal that included a bird’s nest salad with spicy pumpkin jook appetizer, citrus kimchi galbi (short ribs) entrée, and a crème filled roasted pear dessert. The food was delicious and it’s good to see programs like this help inspire a young generation of chefs in Seattle.

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