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pho bac

I’ve been going to the OG Pho Bac “Boat” ever since I can remember. Standing out in pink on the corner of Jackson and Rainier, Pho Bac serves one of the simplest Vietnamese menus yet tastiest bowls of Pho in Seattle.

The broth has this flavorful depth that comes with being simmered in bone marrow for long amount hours. The rice noodles are nice and fresh, none of that dried out packet stuff. Toppings, we’ll that depends on how adventurous you are. I usually throw everything in a large bowl, though the can’t miss items would be the steak and meatballs. I add a little sriracha or a jalapeno to turn up, but never the hoisin. I don’t like the plum sauce killing the flavor of the broth. All about preference, no pretentious ain’t about that life.

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