Momofuku Fried Chicken & Ramen


We went to Momofuku Noodle Bar twice one day. I booked months ahead for that killer fried chicken meal. There was so much chicken you could’ve fed three American households. Everyone loves fried chicken, you have to be a hard core vegetarian to resist these cravings. IMO, the Southern style fried chicken was better than the Korean. The Southern was so tasty, breaded nicely and pretty tender. The Korean was a little too saucy and after awhile it was the too much of a good thing kind of feel. Nevertheless this meal is one of the best family style values in New York City.

Later that night, we went back for Momofuku noodle bar ramen. I know we got more issues then Conde Nast. Hit me up if you’ve ever been to a restaurant twice in one day. I must say, the Momofuku pork buns killed it and win the war of New York City pork buns. Succulent pork with a nice glaze will have you on one for hours. The momofuku ramen was pretty good as well. It’s unique with the pulled pork shoulder and smokey broth. The noodles we al dente and oh that egg. I can’t wait to go back.

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