Mission Chinese Food

Mission Chinese

Spicy noodle with beef cheek

Pork belly with thousand year old egg and rice rolls

Salad rice rolls

BBQ beef brisket sandwich (GQ’s best dish in San Francisco)

My mission if I chose to accept was to dine at Mission Chinese Food and take instagram it up. The mission was gladly accepted however I think we ordered more dishes than two people can handle.

The Mission Chinese Food menu was like Disneyland! There were so many asian dishes with all my favorite ingredients and sold at reasonable prices. I done lost my figure in an asian foodie’s paradise. The BBQ beef brisket was delicious, slow cooked and flavory to articulate all it’s goodness. The salad rolls, pork belly, and spicy noodle soup were all good as well. The mission very much satisfied.

On a bonus note, I tweeted that the food hipster had finally embarked on this mission and then chef Danny Bowien came out to chat it up. He appreciated my venture down from Seattle and called in a table for me at my next destination. Too bad I wasn’t picture ready since my glasses were fogged up from the spicy noodle soup.

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