Marination Station

Marination Station

Marination Mobile is the OG food truck in Seattle. When they broke on the scene, you could feel the reinvigoration for the Seattle food culture. The food trucks were the answer for a dismal economy. It countered the lack of jobs, vacant condos, cheap Virgin Airlines flights… You get it. Back in the single digit 2000s, the Seattle dining scene was a little pricey for us new school folks. So the food truck was a great option to dine. If your down to chase for them.

You have to love the food truck turned brick and mortar and that’s what Marination Station did. My favorite is the kim chi short rib fried rice topped with a fried egg. So good. The prices are reasonable so when I’m looking for a cheap dinner spot to take my lade, here we go. Plus Marination Mobile is GQ magazine approved for all you menswear foodie geeks.

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