Line Up for Daikokuya



Pork Katsu

Brace yourself for Daikokuya! There’s a reason why hipsters, foodies and Asian folks all line up to see if they’ll find the best ramen they have ever tasted. Haha..I’m one of those folks. You come to LA to eat Ramen, In & Out and Mexican Food.

Daikokuya serves a pretty good experience. No gimmicks, just a gritty Little Tokyo spot serving some damn good ramen. The pork belly was soft and succulent. The noodles were firm and tasty. The egg was cooked medium which was coo though I like the egg a little runny to get that yolky flavor in the noodles and broth. I loved the bamboo shoots and the sprouts to give a good mix of vegetables. You can’t beat the price too.

Top your ramen off with a beer and your long wait has just been rewarded. To note, the Katsudon (pork cutlet bowl) was pretty wack. People come here for the ramen. I was just way too hungry getting off the plane. #CashOnly

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