Kukai Ramen Bellevue


Kukai Ramen & Izakaya is an eastside establishment that’s hopped over here from Japan. There are lines but the hyped as simmered a little since opening. I’ve been to Kukai a few times and the ramen is pretty solid. I go with the Tonkatsu ramen. The broth is tasty, balanced and has a medium body. The ramen noodles were firm and fresh. The egg comes out perfect. However the pork was just ok and kind of salty. It’s not the thick succulent pork that other ramen joints serve. Nevertheless it’s a solid bowl of ramen, but the eastside maybe too far for me to travel.

Being a sucker for Japanese Izakaya food, I also had the takoyaki and chicken karrage. Both were anticlimatic. I felt the tako was a little too doughy and could’ve been cooked longer. The karagge didn’t have that hit of flavor you would expect in fried chicken. I should’ve saved the calories. Go for the ramen, take caution on the other dishes.

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