Jade Garden Dim Sum

Jade Garden Dim Sum

I like to be out here at Jade Garden for my Seattle dim sum. You already know that dim sum is one of Drake’s favorite meals and it’s a favorite of mine too. The Seattle dim sum game isn’t too bad. It ain’t on that Vancouver B.C. or Hong Kong, but we hold our own against San Francisco and stuff.

Jade Garden is kind of a hectic spot for lunch. If you don’t fight to the front and put your name on the list then you may get lost in the shuffle. The wait is like any other typical popular Seattle brunch spot so have patience. At times, you might get seated in the back with a group of strangers sharing a dolly. But it’s all good because that’s how they do it in Asia, NYC or another other hopping Chinese spot.

The dishes to order here are the shu mai, hai gow, dungeness crab dumpling, sticky rice, chicken feet, chinese donut wrapped with rice noodle, and cha siu baked bun. The key to dim sum is trying out as many different dishes as you can. But at the end of the day, do you and order what looks good to you. Most of the dishes are pretty tasty so you can’t lose.

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