I’m at the Vietnam House

Vietnam House

Banh Hoi Dac Biet – nem nuong, thit nuong, shrimp on sugar cane and bo la lot

Com tam – thit nuong, shrimp on sugar cane, shrimp pie with a fried egg

Like the com tam above except with the grilled pork chop

Vietnamese chicken and rice with a side of soup (OG dish)

Whose house do I be eating at? We out here at Vietnam House in the Little Saigon area of Seattle’s International District. Vietnam House is one of my favorite Vietnamese spots in town serving up an assortment of individual traditional style dishes that include my faves Com Tam Thit Nuong (broken rice with grilled pork), Banh Hoi (woven vermicelli noodles) and Banh Mang Vit (Duck bamboo noodle soup – not pictured).

These are some of the best Vietnamese dishes Seattle has to offer. If your date wants to go somewhere a little ambiance, hit up Tamarind Tree next door. Don’t get me wrong Tamarind Tree is still good, but Vietnam House does the above-pictured dishes better. If you want to know what to order, show the nice wait staff these pics.

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