Hello it’s nice to Michou


Hello it’s nice to Michou

Michou is one of my go-to places for lunch in downtown Seattle. The rustic “world class” deli specializes in tasty paninis, homemade soups and fresh salads. It’s a deal at $5.50 for the half panini and soup combo. First time ordering at Michou could get kind overwhelming with the extensive amount of choices, but just go with the the crispy chicken sandwich and soup, you’ll be good! The rotation of soup choices (4) can rage from shrimp bisque, cream of potato, tomato barely, lentils and many more.

You can expect a queue but it moves pretty fast. If you don’t score one of the 5 eat-in spots in the back, the Pike Place park down the street is a nice place to sit with a picturesque view of Puget Sound.

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