Gnocchi Bar – Miyabi 45th

Miyabi 45th

The special Gnocchi Bar pop up night at Miyabi 45th brought to you courtesy of locally renowned chef Lisa Nakamura. The pop ups started back in November and we were luckily enough to catch a spot in a few months ago. The Gnocchi Bar featured 4 different handmade gnocchi dishes with a starter and dessert all for $28. I dig it! That’s like the magical three-course price huh.

The carrot-curried soup was a hit, it’s one of those things where you wished you could’ve gotten seconds. I should have tried. For the main course we went with the short-rib gnocchi and the potato filled roasted mushrooms. I’m a big gnocchi fan and of course the course came through. Then for dessert the Almond rhubarb crostata chose me. I’m usually hard to hype on desserts but this one exceeded expectations. I love the Gnocchi Bar concept and hopefully we’ll be able to see it as an everyday day thing soon in Seattle.

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