Fonda La Catrina

Fonda La Catrina

South Seattle has kind of established itself as the new hubble for Mexican food and a big part of that reason is Fonda La Catrina. I’m not the authenticity police but Fonda La Catrina’s food taste pretty good for me. It serves up a pretty solid selection of Mexican food with a beautiful backdrop where vintage meets rustic industrial mixed in with the Georgetown art scene.

The dishes we went with were the pork tamales, lengua tacos and that mole enchilada. I don’t pass up tamales ever and you wouldn’t want to pass these up either. I ordered the lengua cause I wanted to be all hipster, but it’s an acquired taste and I will let you be the judge. The mole enchilada’s were really and had a nice combination of spice, chocolate (lack of a better description but you get it), and flavor. The only other good mole in the city I’ve had was at La Carta De Oaxaca. I’m still trying to better my Mexican food game though.

On a sunny day take advantage of La Fonda Catrina’s outdoor seating. The Georgetown food corridor is pretty strong right now and we have La Fonda Catrina to thank.

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