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Bar Sajor

Bar Sajor has become a nice fixture helping the revitalization of Seattle’s Pioneer Square. Matt Dillon has kind of taken over the Occidental block with Bar Sajor and both London Planes, that’s kind of filthy. Rustic elegance, cottage charm and the open kitchen, this the kind of space that Instagrammers want to wake up to.

I’m a fan of the food at Bar Sajor, even gave them a Like on their Facebook page. It ain’t Matt Dillon if it ain’t local. This time with a touch of Spanish but it seemed more Nordic to me. I’m not the expert defining food, I just eat and take food photos. End of the day the food is delicious holding 10s across the board like that Vince Carter slam dunk contest. Share a tartine, a salad and a main. Get something that’s roasted! Please truly enjoy your experience here. Writing this up it kind of made me want to book a reservation right now. You all should too.

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